Lucy May-Bartosik [Bio] – Women Driving Excellence 2015 Honoree


One of Chicago’s finest, Chicago Police Department Commander Lucy Moy-Bartosik broke Chinese tradition and chose a career against her parents’ expectations. Since then, she now wants more Asian women to follow in her footsteps and continues to lead the way for women everywhere to pursue their dreams regardless of their background or circumstances.

Ms. Moy-Bartosik, the child of Chinese immigrants, was expected to grow up and become a teacher. Instead, Lucy became a police officer. She aced the police examination and graduated from the police academy.

Throughout her tenure as a Chicago police officer, she went from beat cop, advanced to detective, continued on to the CAPS program, to sergeant, to lieutenant, to commander of the 20th District. She is now the highest ranking Asian woman in the force, commander of CAPS, the patrol division.

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