Gale Gand is a pastry chef and partner in the Michelin one star restaurant, Tru, in Chicago. She was the host of Food Network’s long running show “Sweet Dreams”, and author of 8 cook books. She just finished a 2 year pop-up of Spritzburger, a burger and craft soda joint, with The Hearty Boys, also of Food Network fame. Gale teaches cooking classes all over the country and is an artisanal soda pop maker producing Gale’s Root Beer which is sold nationally. Gale does food innovation with Hyde Park Group in Chicago. She has received two James Beard Awards, has been inducted to the Chicago Chefs Hall of Fame and was schooled in Paris at La Varenne. Gale is the mother of 3 and plays the ukulele.

Gale Gand can be found on Facebook and Twitter.


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